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Game Rules 2


Brutal RPG 2nd Edition
Providing the best RPG ACTION anywhere!  Brutal was designed from the very beginning (starting back in 1988) to handle massive battles quickly and fairly.  Concepts like "dodging" are built-in, not merely added as an after thought.

What's New
1. A ton of art was purchased (over $5,000) to make this FREE game look more professional.
2. We added a bunch of monster too!
3. We a new character race, .."Zeetvahs" donated freely by Larry Elmore from his "Snarf Quest" comic series.

Starter Kit
All you need to get started are these two short documents.  Download and/or print them here, choose your characters, and enjoy the game.  This sample adventure provides step-by-step instructions and serves as an easy-to-follow introduction to the fantasy horror game, BRUTAL - Big Bad Ball Busting Bloody Battles.

1. (1.0 MB) Sample Characters
2. (0.7 MB beginner) Sample Adventure

Free Software
Download and install this free computer program to create, manage and print your BrutalRPG Characters.

1. (3.2 MB) Brutal Characters v1.3

Game Rules

1. (7.8 MB) Game Rules
2. (1.9 MB) Magic Rules
3. (3.4 MB) Character Races
4. (0.1 MB) Character Sheet
5. (1.2 MB) GM Screen

Mega Monsters
What good is a game without a mess of monsters to fight?  Below are are four different collections made up from some of the most creative (and bizarre) minds in gaming. Feel free to keep them seperated, or sort them alphabetically into one huge monster book.

1. (2.8 MB) Ogres And Humanoids
2. (1.2 MB) Vampires And Undead
3. (2.9 MB) Dragons And Fairies
4. (12.6 MB) Strange And Bizarre

For those of you placing your game in a 3-ring binder with a clear plastic sleeve in front, here is a nice large image file to print and cut to fit your binder.

1. (0.5 MB) Cover Image

Folding Instructions

The pages of all these game rule and adventure documents are meant to be printed and folded manually.  After you have all the pages folded and sorted properly, we suggest you punch holes and place them into a half-sized binder.  Another option is to take them to a copy store and have them spiral bound with a clear glossy front cover and solid black back cover.  Both options cost about the same, 5 or 6 dollars.  The spiral binding looks very nice, but the hole-punch binder is easier to add new (and corrected) pages as they become available.

Free Press
BRUTAL is a free press game. This means the game is free for you to download, print, and share "freely" with your friends, but you may never make any profit off the BRUTAL game, or any of it's supporting documents.
( Read More Here )

Recent Updates
A few years back there used to be corrections every month or two, but we haven't needed to fix anything in a while.  However, if you happen to find a spelling error or something, please let us know so we can fix it.  Then check back often for updates, corrections, and those oh so exciting new additions.  If you are using a binder, it's easy and painless to print the new and updated pages only, then insert them into the binder where needed.

2005-05-04 Sample Characters
1. Removed the old sample character download
2. Added a new sample character download
3. Fixed - Uses the new character sheet
4. Added - One of each character race

2005-05-04 Software Updates
1. BrutalCharacters v1.2 was removed
2. BrutalCharacters v1.3 was added
3. Now with "MS Excel" so you can customize your output
4. Now you can change what's available in the shopping store
5. Now you can create your own new character templates

2005-05-02 More Updates
1. Game Rules, Pg 12 - Typing Error
2. GM Screen - Dagger pricing
3. Magic Rules, Pg 18 - Typing Errors
4. Adventure Beetle - No flying with full-chain

2005-05-01 Game Rules
1. Pg 8 - fixed typing errors
2. Pg 13 - sample character now uses new character sheet format
3. Pg 14 - dagger prices were 5 and 10 gold, now both are 10 gold
4. Pg 14 - added a comment about weapon sizes
5. Pg 15 - only the first 1-handed sword provides a defense modifier

2005-05-01 Character Races
1. Adventure Beetles - more about flying
2. Half-Elf - more about terrain ratings
3. Half-Troll - fixed some typing errors
4. Dwarf - 1 modifier to ANY axe

2005-05-01 Magic Rules
1. Searched entire boo for (3,6 and 9 inches)
    and replace them with (3", 6" and 9") - standardized
2. Bleeding Sword - added the word "melee" only
3. Wall of Sticks - corrected "Wall of Ice" reference
4. Wall of Bricks - corrected "Wall of Ice" reference

2005-05-01 Monsters
1. Strange & Bizaree: Devil Tree - fixed typing errors
2. Vampires &Undead: Corpse - fixed typing errors

2005-02-21 Magic Rules
1. New Spell: Bleeding Sword
2. New Spell: Far Reaching Weapon
3. New Spell: Lightning
4. Removed all the old notes (never meant to be there)
5. Added some Random Potions
6. Added more Legendary and Cursed Items
7. Updated all magic items to conform to my Writing Guide Standards

2005-02-18 Catling Tail Weapons
1. Catling Tail Weapons rules have been aded to the Character Race rule book.
2. Added the Cover Page Image as a download. 

2005-02-10 Vampires and Undeads
1. Added artwork for Mummies - Dean Kuhta.
2. Added artwork for Night Hags - Dean Kuhta.
3. Added artwork for Wraiths - Dean Kuhta.
4. Fixed alignment issue with e.p. for Shadows

2005-02-07 Strange And Bizarre
1. Fixed plural issues with experience points:
    Munchies, Jurasic Beetles, and a few others
2. Fixed typing error with Eviscerator's Multiple Attacks
    Thank You "BBomber72000"

2004-10-05 Character Races
1. Added artwork for the half-troll character race.
2. Updated web site character pages to view single page PDF files
3. Purchased more art from Dean Kuhta

2004-08-15 Character Sheets
1. Original - renamed as Character Sheet 01.
2. New Design - titled Character Sheet 02

2004-08-15 Character Races
1. Dwarves - 2d modifier when attacking with 2-handed battle axes
2. Half-Elves - Terrain modifier only counts for ground terrains
3. Half-Troll - New official character race (art still needed)

2004-08-14 Game Rules
1. Parry with Sword - Magic sword modifiers now apply (page 17)
2. Negative Modifiers - Never less then a minimal 1d rating (page 23)
3. Updated the Index

2004-08-14 Vampires and Undead
1. Undead can attack and harm creatures only harmed by magic weapons (Introduction)

2004-08-14 Magic
1. Two Spell Arrows per round (page 5)
2. Sample "Command Undead" commands (page 10)

2004-05-10 Game Rule Updates
1. Fixed typing error in Leap Into Saddles, page 32
2. Changed Crushing Blow for more damage, page 22
3. Added Damage by Fire, page 8
4. Updated Index to include Fire Damage at end of book

2004-05-06 More Monsters !!!
1. Added two more monsters to Vampires and Undead
2. First draft of Strange and Bizarre
3. First draft of Dragons and Fairies

2004-04-27 Updated Vampires and Undead
1. Added more monsters
2. Fixed a few mistakes
3. Still want more vbWebDB_Files!

2004-04-19 Catling Tail Weapons
1. Added the first draft of Catling Tail Weapons for play-testing

2004-02-17 Fixed Some Errors
1. Color Bleeding of Logo on all documents
2. Game Rules - Added counter attack with anything (even arrows), on page 17
3. Magic Rules - Fixed "Spell Arrow" range = 9 inches, on page 5
4. Sample Characters - Fixed "Gold Bits", not "Bold Bits"
5. Sample Characters - Updated Counter Adjustments (for arrows)
6. Ogres and Humanoids - Fixed Ogre Experience Points
7. Character Races - Added Experience Points for all character races
8. Orcs Among Us - Explained why Magic rating is missing, on page 7
9. Orcs Among Us - Fixed "peak" not "peek", on page 2
10. Orcs Among Us - Fixed "Feet" not "Foot", on page 9
11. Orcs Among Us - Fixed "Round #2" not "Round #1", on page 13
12. Orcs Among Us - Fixed door "Hit Points" not "Life Points", on page 17

2004-02-13 Official Release of BRUTAL 2nd
1. First Day of DunDraCon convention
2. Besides, Friday the 13th was just too cool a date to pass up

2004-02-11 Fixed Sort in "Ogres and Humanoids"
1. Moved "Eptusis" after "Crote"

2004-02-11 Release of Sample Characters
1. David Wong donated 9 character sketches
2. At long last we have some pre-generated sample characters

2004-02-10 Fixed Page Number in "Game Rules"
1. Page 43, not 40

2004-02-10 Release of Sample Adventure "Orcs Among Us"
1. At long last we have a sample adventure to help explain the rules
2. Provides verbose descriptions on how to play
3. Offers a hands-on approach

2004-02-02 Beta Release of BRUTAL 2nd
1. Game Rules
2. Magic Rules
3. Character Races
4. Character Sheets
5. Ogres and Humanoids
6. GM Screen


David J. Stanley
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