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Game Rules 4


Brutal RPG 4th Edition
Providing the best role-playing ACTION anywhere! "BRUTAL - Big Bad Ball Busting Bloody Battles" was designed from the ground up to handle massive battles quickly and fairly. Concepts like "dodging" are built-in, and not merely added as an after thought. 

What's New
1. More monsters
2. More character races
3. More art ($2,000)
4. Perks & Flaws
5. No more folding. We now use an 8.5 x 11 portrait layout with 2 columns
6. Unarmed combat was introduced
7. A combat round was extended from 10 count down seconds to 12

Starter Kit
All you need to get started are these two short documents. Download these two files, print them, choose your characters, and enjoy the game. This sample adventure provides step-by-step instructions and serves as an easy-to-follow introduction to the "BRUTAL - Big Bad Ball Busting Bloody Battles" game.

(754 KB) Sixteen Sample Characters
(392 KB) Orcs Among Us - Sample Adventure

Game Rules

(2364 KB) Game Rules (PDF) Print and place in a binder
(5471 KB) Monster Book (PDF) Print and place in a binder
(262 KB) Perks & Flaws (PDF) Print and place in a binder
(411 KB) GM Screen (PDF) Cut and fold

Character Sheets
Have you created your own character shhets. Send me a copy and I will post them here so others may enjoy them too.

(53 KB) Character Sheet (XLS) Type your info, save, and print
(68 KB) Character Sheet (PDF) Print form, then fill in using pencil
(70 KB) Advanced Character Sheet (XLS) Type your info, save, and print
(64 KB) Advanced Character Sheet (PDF) Print form, then fill in using pencil
(513 KB) Silver Character Sheet (XLS) Type your info, save, and print
(63 KB) Silver Character Sheet (PDF) Print form, then fill in using pencil
(199 KB) Gold Character Sheet (XLS) Type your info, save, and print
(82 KB) Gold Character Sheet (PDF) Print form, then fill in using pencil

Recent Updates
If you happen to find a spelling error or something, please let us know so we can fix it. Then check back often for updates, corrections, and those oh so exciting new additions. If you are using a binder, it's easy and painless to print the new and updated pages only, then insert them into the binder where needed.

2015-04-10 New Character Sheets 
(1) First release of the "Gold" character sheetss

2015-04-07 Perks and Flaws Updates 
(1) Made numerous changes
(2) Grouped similare/related perks together to feel like "classes"

2014-09-25 Game Rules Updates 
(1) Created the new "Silver" character sheet

2014-09-16 Game Rules Updates 
(1) Updated "Rules" - Cleaned up some spells
(2) Update "Monsters" - With the new layout

2014-09-08 Game Rules Updates 
(1) Updated "Rules" - The way we roll to determine a random selection
(2) Update "Perks" - With the new layout

2014-08-19 Game Rules Updates 
(1) Fixed the GM Screen typing errors

2014-08-18 Game Rules Updates 
(1) Added a second random spell glyph table
(2) Lightened the background color a lot
(3) First release of GM Screen

2014-08-15 Game Rules Updates 
(1) Color background
(2) Two column layout
(3) Larger font size

2014-08-14 Game Rules Updates 
(1) Added "Joseph Garcia" as contributing artist
(2) Redefined "Languages" (See page 12)
(3) Redefined "Life Stealing" sword

2014-08-14 Perks and Flaws Updates 
(1) Added "Lindquist"
(2) Redefined "Fast Healer" as "Lionhearted"
(3) Added "Lawful"

2014-06-22 Updates 
(1) Added more Perks and Flaws. Thank you all for your suggestions. Use Perks and Flaws to make your character different from everyone else.

2014-06-21 Updates 
(1) Character race descriptions that say, "may not see in the dark" should should be corrected to say "cannot naturally see in the dark" to avoid confusion. Spells, items, etc. may grant night vision to everyone.
(2) The advanced character sheet has the abilities out of order. They should be "Spring, Size, then Life Force"
(3) The "Resist Disease" action (NT vs Disease) will be added. For when you get bit by a rabid dog or whatever.
(4) All starter whips have a "Pain" rating = 5d (See "Pain").
(5) The "Spell Arrow" spell glyph is over powered, ..So each spell arrow will only cause 2p "two points" of damage (3p with a MG=10+). Also, the target may now roll WP x 2 vs MG to take half damage, round down = 1p
(6) Flanking now provides a +1d to attack rolls.
(7) Counter attacks will no longer be allowed to respond to a counter attack.
(8) Added the Dispel Magic action.

2014-05-04 Updates 
Rules page 10 - How to use "fire jars" as grenades with a splash area
Perks - Redefined "Alertness" as continous passive spot actions

2014-04-25 Updates 
Page 6 - Half Trolls initial CR = 2
Page 7 - Skunklars initial CR = 2
Page 8 - Warrior Flies fixed typing error
Fixed "werewolf" error in random tables

2014-04-15 Updates 
Typing errors on pages: 8, 15, 17, 18
Released "Perks & Flaws"
Added Trolls to Monster book

2014-02-25 Updates 
1d = 1 inch = 5 feet (Not 10 feet)

2014-02-24 Updates 
Sneaking up to sleeping victim
Assinating sleeping victim
Treat victim as "prone" if they wake up

2014-02-13 Updates
Released the Advanced Character Sheets.

2014-01-27 Changes / Updates
Fixed typing errors on pages: 10, 11, 16, 17
Clarified impact damage for "Crushing Blow" on page 20
Added that you cannot surprise attack after a battle cry on page 21

2014-01-16 Updates
No changes to the rules.
Just a much nicer layout with fewer mistakes.
Thanks to my editors!!!

2014-01-04 Changes / Updates
Page 2 Typing errors, and two new editors
Page 10 Changed Skunklar "spore attack"
Page 17 Added improved initiative
Page 22 Added "disarm" to unarmed combat 

2013-11-20 Released BRUTAL 4th Edition
The 4th Edition of the BRUTAL Game Rules was released. Updates and corrections will be posted as needed.

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2nd Edition


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