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Printing PDFs

Print It Yourself (PIY)
You may freely download and print BRUTAL (the game and its supporting documents) for personal use.
(under $20)

I walked into Office Depot with nothing but my USB drive. I asked the kind lady to print out both PDFs Black & White, Double-sided. Do NOT ask for grayscale. B&W is a printer selection (12c / page). Grayscale is a software print option on a color printer (55c / page). I printed all 3 docs for my game. It came to 126 pages (63 double-sided) for only $15.22.

1. Rules
2. Monsters


Next I manually inserted the monster document just before the index.


Then I had her coil bind them all together as a single booklet.

1. A clear plastic cover for the front = $0.59
2. A solid black plastic sheet for the back = $0.79
3. A black plastic coil for only = $2.99


All together this came to = $19.49
Plus tax = $1.56
Total = $21.05



David J. Stanley
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