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Publishing Your Own Content (Licensing)
You may build upon what I've started and publish your own monsters, spells, magic items, and adventures, as long as you share them at no cost (free to download and print). Nothing would make me happier.

It is my goal (David J. Stanley) to create the best RPG game possible, shared and enjoyed by thousands of players across the world. If successful, I'm sure the money will come someday (merchandise sales, movie deals, etc.). But for now I'd much rather write adventures and play the game.

(1) The BRUTAL game and all supporting documents are the property of David J. Stanley.
(2) As the owner of BRUTAL, David J. Stanley is the only one who may ever attempt to make any sort of profit from the BRUTAL game or any of its supporting documents.

Hey, I get it. I understand that it takes a lot of time, money, creativity and work to publish your own monsters, spells, magic items, and adventures. Believe me, I know. So if you want to make a profit, please just contact me. I'd rather talk to you than talk to my lawyer.

If you do choose to publish for profit, we can discuss it. But please be aware of the following 2 rules:
(1) You may never sell my game, my supporting documents, or any portions of them for profit. They are to remain free for everyone.
(2) You may never use any artwork that I have licensed for profit. The original artists still own the copyrights to their artwork. You must purchase and license your own artwork.

David J. Stanley
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