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Game Rules 4.1


BRUTAL - Big Bad Ball Busting Bloody Battles (4.1 Edition)
Providing the best role-playing ACTION anywhere! BRUTAL was designed from the ground up to handle massive battles quickly and fairly. Concepts like "dodging" are built-in, and not merely added as an after thought.

Starter Kit
All you need to get started are these two short documents. Download these two files, print them, choose your characters, and enjoy the game. This sample adventure provides step-by-step instructions and serves as an easy-to-follow introduction to the "BRUTAL - Big Bad Ball Busting Bloody Battles" game.
Sixteen Sample Characters (934 KB)
The Goblin Hunt - Sample Adventure (1,797 KB)

Game Rules
Game Rules (5,303 KB) 07/12/2017
Monster Book (8,052 KB) 08/21/2017
GM Screen (349 KB) 02/02/2016

Character Sheets
Have you created your own character sheets. Send me a copy and I will post them here so others may enjoy them too.
Character Sheet (XLSX) (51 KB) 02/02/2016
Character Sheet (444 KB) 02/02/2016

Recent Updates
If you happen to find a spelling error or something, please let us know so we can fix it. Then check back often for updates, corrections, and those oh so exciting new additions. If you are using a binder, it's easy and painless to print the new and updated pages only, then insert them into the binder where needed.

2017-08-21 Monster Udates
Cleaned up "Drain XP"
Fixed typing errors

2017-07-12 Monster Udates
Added the new "Key Word" (Magical)
Cleaned up and balanced the random tables

2017-07-12 Game Rule Updates
Moved the "WereRat" perk to the setting book (coming soon!)
Added "Explosion" as an attack that also causes fire damage
Numberd the "Perks & Flaws" for random creation (optional)
Fixed the crossbow range (again)

2017-03-29 Game Rule Updates
Fixed the Bow and Crossbow ranges
Replaced "Big and Strong" with "Bigger and Stronger"
Cleaned up "Intimidate"
Cleaned up "Siege Weapons" and "Bash to Bits"
Cleaned up "Whip" and "War Hammer"
Cleaned up "Escape"
Cleaned up "Grapple"

2016-12-25 Game Rules Update - Character Races
Fixed 3 Typos
Added 3 Spell Glyphs
Updated Whips and Nets
Added more Perks and Flaws
Added Character Races (initial stats)

2016-07-24 Game Rules Update - Proofreading
Thanks: Michel Côté
Pages 20, 22, 24 - 29, 35, 36, 38, 41 - 46 Typo's

2016-07-01 Game Rules Update - Creating a Character
Thanks: Michel Côté
Pages 6, 15, 17. Typos

2016-02-09 Game Rules Update - Creating a Character
Thanks: Steven Brown
Page 6. LF = LF + 2
Page 6. Show which ratngs were increased.

2016-03-26 Monster Book Update - Simple Typo
Thanks: Ryan Castle
Vampires page

2016-02-09 Game Rules Update - Creating a Character
Thanks: Luke Reynolds
Page 6. Maximum HP attribute vs Current HP clarification

2016-02-05 Monster Update - Werewolf
Thanks: Luke Reynolds
Fixed minor typo.

2016-02-04 Released BRUTAL 4.1 Edition
The 4.1 Edition of the BRUTAL Game Rules was released. Updates and corrections will be posted as needed.

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David J. Stanley
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