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Shared Copyright
(c) Shared Copyright by Artist and BrutalRPG(TM) (1997-2005), ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

All of the artwork found on this web site including all artwork found an the downloaded documents, is the property of the original illustrator. David J. Stanely holds a exclusive, shared copyright with each of the illustrators permitting him unlimited reprints of the material.  David has choosen to provide this artwork for your downloading pleasure.  All artwork is copyrighted.  No permissions are granted to anyone. All rights are reserved.

The Artist of Brutal
Though David is an artist (just barely) it is painfully clear that his art simply fails to produce the awesome game experience you players deserve.  So David has spent over $10,000 dollars purchasing unlimited, exclusive, shared copyright for over 200 different works of art.  This then allows for unlimited prints of all his game and adventure books.  Thanks David!

All of the art you see on this web site and in the PDF files were created by the following eight artist.  They are listed in no particular order.  On a special note, Larry Elmore gave his Zeetvah race along with some Zeetvah drawings for FREE.  Special thanks to Larry! Also, David Wong was the first ever artist ever paid.  His vision helped bring the game to life and he gets the oh so cool title, "Primary Illustrator".


Larry Elmore David Wong Andy Hopp
James Bolinger Zac Henderson Erix Barnett
David Stanley Dean Kuhta Justus Von Karger
Joseph Garcia Kosmic Dungeon

David J. Stanley
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