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Game Rules 3


Brutal RPG 3rd Edition
Providing the best role-playing ACTION anywhere! "BRUTAL - Big Bad Ball Busting Bloody Battles" was designed from the ground up to handle massive battles quickly and fairly. Concepts like "dodging" are built-in, and not merely added as an after thought. The BRUTAL game first came into existance in May 1988 and has been evolving for nearly 20 years thanks to the feedback and support of hundreds of players.

What's New
3rd Edition was first released (i.e., published) here on April 26, 2007. Nearly 20% of the rules were updated from the previous edition in an effort to make the game even easier to learn, yet harder to master. Also, more art, more monsters and more adventures - All Free! On August 22, 2007 the proof-read version was released. We spent over three months pouring over every detail to make the rules as clean and proper as possible. Special thanks to Michelle Hakala from The Desk Drawer Writing Workshop for her countless hours.

Starter Kit
All you need to get started are these two short documents.  Download and/or print them here, choose your characters, and enjoy the game.  This sample adventure provides step-by-step instructions and serves as an easy-to-follow introduction to the fantasy horror game, "BRUTAL - Big Bad Ball Busting Bloody Battles".

1. (14.7 MB) Sixteen Sample Characters (Individaul Adobe Acrobat PDF Forms)
2. (0.7 MB beginner) Sample Adventure

Game Rules

1.  (6.6 MB, 96 pages - indexed) Game Rules v3.01

Character Sheets 
Contact David and send him your own character sheet layouts.

1. (0.5 MB) Official Brutal Character Sheet 3rd Edition (PDF Fillable Form)
2. (0.1 MB) Combat Calculator v3.01 (MS Excel with Macros)
3. (3.9 MB) Character Sheet Tutorial v3.01 (MS Excel with Macros)
4. (0.1 MB) Character CityMap

Mega Monsters
What good is a game without a mess of monsters to fight?  Below are are four different collections made up from some of the most creative (and bizarre) minds in gaming. Feel free to keep them seperated, or sort them alphabetically into one huge monster book.

1. (2.8 MB) Ogres And Humanoids (2nd Edition Version, 3rd Coming Soon )
2. (1.2 MB) Vampires And Undead (2nd Edition Versionv)
3. (2.9 MB) Dragons And Fairies (2nd Edition Version, 3rd Coming Soon )
4. (12.6 MB) Strange And Bizarre (2nd Edition Version, 3rd Coming Soon )

For those of you placing your game in a 3-ring binder with a clear plastic sleeve in front, here is a nice large image file to print and cut to fit your binder.

1. (0.5 MB) Cover Image

Folding Instructions

The pages of all these game rule and adventure documents are meant to be printed and folded manually.  After you have all the pages folded and sorted properly, we suggest you punch holes and place them into a half-sized binder.  Another option is to take them to a copy store and have them spiral bound with a clear glossy front cover and solid black back cover.  Both options cost about the same, 5 or 6 dollars.  The spiral binding looks very nice, but the hole-punch binder is easier to add new (and corrected) pages as they become available.

Recent Updates
A few years back there used to be corrections every month or two, but we haven't needed to fix anything in a while.  However, if you happen to find a spelling error or something, please let us know so we can fix it.  Then check back often for updates, corrections, and those oh so exciting new additions.  If you are using a binder, it's easy and painless to print the new and updated pages only, then insert them into the binder where needed.

2012-07-09 Game Rules Update
Page 15 - Catling's Spring = 3/9
Page 82 - Catlings (still) Spring Faster

2007-11-13 Game Rules Update
Page 68 - First Move = two inches for everyone.
Page 79 - Sprint = two inches for everyone.

2007-09-13 Cover Art
The official 3rd Edition Cover Art was released as a JPEG image.

2007-09-13 Game Rules Update 
Page 20 - Fixed typing error on Cyclopslings
Page 43 - Updated screenshot of Character Sheet

2007-09-12 Characters
The official 3rd Edition Character Sheet was released as an Adobe Acrobat PDF - Fillable form.  You may now make multiple copies of this pdf file, open them up individually and record your character information.  Sixteen new sample characters (3rd Edition) were released as well.

2007-08-22 Proof Reading
The 3rd Edition Game Rules were re-released with some corrections.
Special thanks to Michelle Hakala from The Desk Drawer Writing Workshop for her countless hours.

2007-05-10 Character Sheet
Added some MS Excel files to help out. The two tutorials include macros to provide tips and feedback.
1. Combat Tutorial - v3.01
2. Character Sheet Tutorial - v3.01
3. Character Sheet - v3.01

2007-04-26 Beta Release of BRUTAL 3rd Edition
The rough draft of the 3rd Edition Game Rules was released. There are plenty of spelling errors which we are now finding and fixing. However, due to the high demand from our fans who gotta have it now, we have posted this release for your downloading pleasure.


David J. Stanley
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