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Game Rules v5.1

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Game Rules


BRUTAL - Big Bad Ball Busting Bloody Battles (v5.1)
Providing the best role-playing ACTION anywhere! BRUTAL was designed from the ground up to handle massive battles quickly and fairly. Concepts like "dodging" are built-in, and not merely added as an after thought.

Game Rules
Game Rules (113 pages, 8,380 KB)
Monster Book (53 pages, 6,945 KB)
Character Sheet XLS (1 page, 30 KB)
Character Sheet PDF (1 page, 668 KB)
Sixteen Sample Characters (16 pages, 983 KB)

Recent Updates
If you happen to find a spelling error or something, please let us know so we can fix it. Then check back often for updates, corrections, and those oh so exciting new additions. If you are using a binder, it's easy and painless to print the new and updated pages only, then insert them into the binder where needed.

2020-05-17 Released BRUTAL v5.1
The v5.1 Edition of the BRUTAL Game Rules was released.
Updates and corrections will be posted as needed.


David J. Stanley
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